Tesla To Deploy 1GWh Of Megapacks Giant Energy Storage System In California

Tesla’s project to set up 1GWh of mega-packs to develop a huge energy storage system in California along with PG&E has received consent from local government.

We learned about this project at PG&E’s Moss Landing substation once they filed it to CPUC and the organization was in discussions with Tesla in 2017.

It includes four individual energy storage projects plus a couple of these should eventually be the planet’s largest battery life systems.

Dynegy will set up a 300MW / 1,200MWh Project on PG&E’s grid as the Tesla project will be a 182.5MW / 730MWh, that can ultimately go up to 1.1GWh.

In 2018, Tesla’s proposals for the job indicates that the company intends to utilize’Megapack’ rather than its typical Powerpack for big utility-scale jobs.

This was before Tesla introduced its brand new gigantic energy storage product this past year. Today we are aware that the Tesla Megapack may get an energy capability of around 3MWh.

In accordance with Tesla’s palm, they’ll deploy 449 Megapacks in the project site

Tesla is set the project as having an entire capacity of 1,200MWh, which will indicate that every Megapack has got a capacity of 2,673kWh.

That is over 12 times the ability of Powerpack 2 in a package that could possibly fit approximately 8 Powerpacks.

The entire capacity of these 449 Megapacks signifies more energy capacity than Tesla Energy deployed during its first 3 years of operation – all Powerpacks and Powerwalls combined.

The California Public Utilities Commission approved the job just over a year ago and combined with 3 additional energy storage systems, the solar energy storage capability is so significant it will replace three gasoline power plants.

However, the job needed several other greenlight before going ahead.

Currently, Tesla’s giant battery Project with PG&E has been approved by the Monterey County Planning Commission, which should allow construction shortly.

Local News reported:

“Wednesday morning the Monterey County Planning Commission unanimously approved a joint project between Tesla and PG&E to build a facility that will store wind and solar power and then make it available for use during periods of high energy demand.”

Monterey County Supervisor John Phillips commented on the announcement:

“It’s huge for the area and as you know the power plant has been gradually shutting down and they producing about one-tenth of the power they used to produce in the past and that hurts us from a tax standpoint,”

Tesla’s proposition initially said that it aimed to finish the job at the end of 2020.

With the new approval, Tesla and PG&E aim to break ground next month and still hope to be done for the end of the year.

Source Credit: Electrek

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