Space and Orientation:

Before purchasing a solar power system, homeowners need to determine roof requirements for installing roof top solar power plant.

Solar Power Plant Orientation

For maximum performance, 1 kilowatt solar power plant needs about 125 square feet of unshaded south-facing roof or yard space for every kilowatt of electricity produced. Thin-film systems may require 175 square feet of space per kilowatt.

If your roof does not face south, you can still use a solar electric system, but the performance will be about 5% less with a southeast or southwest-facing system. Eastern, western, and northern exposures should be solar electric systems. Roof tilt is also important to capture the path of the sun, but the requirements vary with location.

Your solar vendor and installer should be able to calculate the proper tilt based on the solar resource for your area (the amount of sunlight your area receives). Solar panels are usually roof mounted, but if we have a shortage of roof space, they can be mounted on a pole or in our  yard. Solar panels can be integrated into roof shingles and tiles.

Shading :

Shading a panel reduces its performance because it blocks sunlight. The most common items that shade solar panels are trees, chimneys, nearby buildings, and electrical cables, as well as heating and cooling equipment. Also check shading from pipes, skylights, and vents.

To determine possible shading problems, consult a solar professional who uses a software program that can estimate site shading.

Some people will examine a proposed location throughout the day and year to see how the area shading changes. For example, shading in an area can change from summer to winter because the sun’s path changes.

If we don’t have a south-facing roof or enough roof space, consider a ground or pole-mounted solar system, which can be installed with the same orientation and tilt as a roof-mounted system.

Ground-mounted systems are great for homes with large yards. Some systems come mounted on a tracker that follows the sun’s movement.

Installation and Maintenance:

Before purchasing a solar electric system, homeowners need to be aware of issues that affect system installation and maintenance.

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